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Ibrahim Tours or its affiliates will provide, in good faith, professional spiritual services according to Quran and Sunnah relating to the Hajj / Umrah / rituals and Ziarat.

The responsibility of the Ibrahim Tours located Nile Business Centre, London 020 8187 1274 as the tour operator who will assist and guide you to perform The Hajj / Umrah and Ziarat (sightseeing).

We act only as agents for the pilgrims in making arrangements for the airlines, hotels, ground transportations and any other services in connection with the performance of Hajj / Umrah and Ziarat (sightseeing).

Ibrahim Tours or its affiliates will not accept nor take responsibility for the followings:-

  • Not responsible for the refusal of the visa or delay of the visa and same charge will apply if you resubmit.
  • No liability whatsoever for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, cancellations or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect, through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the pilgrims or in carrying out the arrangements of the Hajj / Umrah and Ziarat trips, or as a direct or indirect result of acts of God or the acts of Governments or other authorities, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil, disturbances, strikes, riots, theft, epidemics, quarantines, medical or custom regulations, or from any cause beyond Ibrahim Tours its affiliates control, or from any loss or damage resulting from improper passports, visas or other documents.
  • Loss or additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedule by airline or ground transportations or hotel reservations.
  • For the failure to follow instructions from the group leader, authorities, airline staff, airport staff, hotel staff and any other related bodies, including but not limited to check-in and check-out time and baggage handling.
  • Delay(s) in airline schedules, misconnections, misplaced baggage or baggage handling services at airports, hotels, ground transportations in the local as well as foreign countries/cities. In the event of delay, it is the responsibility of the airlines to determine exactly what procedure to be followed and shall not be the responsibility of Ibrahim Tours Ltd.
  • (Ticket) no changes or upgrade will be honoured once the ticket is issued and the full payment has been made. Also, no changes in itinerary will be entered and if cancel the full payment made will not be refunded. Ibrahim Tours have the right to change/alter the ticket itinerary without prior notice.
  • Hotels are subject to availability and can be changed if not available to the nearest star ratings and start ratings of the hotels in Saudi Arabia are not European standards.
  • In case of any irregularities in hotel check-in / check-out procedures/room allocations/room size/room décor/room service or hotel transport services. Every person in the group has to comply with group procedures during the entire trip and any personal decision taken by any individual(s) will not be the responsibility of Ibrahim Tours its affiliates and the consequences will be borne by said individual(s).
  • Our package do not include Insurance of (life/travel/luggage), we advise you to contact UKEHC (for sharia compliance insurance products ) or search for your specific requirements. No refunds will be given on any service rendered not utilised.
  • It is the responsibility of each traveller to purchase his / her own traveling insurance covering trip cancellation, medical, accident and loss baggage coverage.
  • any person(s) missing any part of the program due to his negligence or delay or absenteeism for any time during the tour and will not be responsible for any additional expenses for the participant to re-join the tour any. The pilgrim(s) must also understand that he / she will remain with the group at all possible times and that he / she will follow any rule that applies to the group. Also any individual missing any part of the program due to physical or medical related issues.
  • The pilgrim(s) must behave at all times in line with local customs and abide by the laws of the host country.
  • The pilgrim(s) are responsible for their actions; we will not be able to assist you if you knowingly or not knowingly violate local customs.
  • Not responsible for any physical violence/abuse between pilgrims and or with local citizens.
  • Not responsible for individual pilgrims in shared rooms/accommodations in regards to sleeping habits and behaviour / habit pattern, we will not be able to change the rooms once it is allocated.
  • Ibrahim Tours or its affiliates will provide assistance but services will be limited in the event of death, Ibrahim Tours or its affiliates will make the necessary arrangements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for burial.
  • All hotels star rating are according to Saudi Arabian standards and some hotels as well as rooms may change for Hajj / Umrah journey, the unexpected situation is often the norm. Despite very careful planning and organisation the Hajj / Umrah journey can never be taken for granted like a normal holiday. We are not responsible for the exact distance from the masjid to the hotel.
  • Customer service standards which are not usually equivalent to international standards in the hotels as well as ground transportations, and airports staff/emigrations.
  • We wish and pray that you will have a pleasant once in a lifetime experience, however the vast number of people from across the globe with a varied lifestyle may have an impact on your pilgrimage, unfortunately the company cannot be held responsible for this experience.
  • We again reiterate as is the nature of Hajj / Umrah tour and with the vast number of pilgrims, there is a higher probability of viruses and airborne deceases, it is therefore your personal responsibility of your well-being at all time, Ibrahim Tours cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents, illness, and death during your travel and during the pilgrimage, or any medical reason. We strongly advise you have suitable travel vaccinations to cover for your journey and stay.
  • The provision of the service offered by Ibrahim Tours is in good faith and best endeavours to meet your standard, however our agents and we or their sub-agents cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings outside the company’s control against your expectations of the pilgrimage.
  • Whatever we express or implied instructions, suggestions or decisions, is made by us or by any person it was in good faith within the situation we were faced. Any opinions and estimates expressed are subject to change without notice.
  • Ibrahim Tours has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that all representatives, agents, tour operators used are reputable and registered/ licenced. However, the Ibrahim Tours does not have direct control over such organisations and shall not be responsible for any services, acts or omissions by themselves or their employees.
  • The pilgrim will not hold Ibrahim Tours or its affiliates responsible in any manner for the above and any acts of irregularity in connection with this travel related with airlines, hotels, transportation, local rules / conditions, Hajj / Umrah / Ziarat conditions, staff, health-related or other situations.
  • Our complete terms and conditions can be viewed online or request us or a copy which will be emailed to you.


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