About us – Ibrahim Tours

London-based Ibrahim Tours was formed by experienced British hajj and umrah professionals working in the travel and tourism industry ranging from Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, East-Asia and Africa.

With a combined age of 25 years in industry - our reputation comes from our clients, their families and friends. We specialise in helping British-pilgrims receive bespoke hajj and umrah packages for themselves and their loved ones.

Our experience has brought us closer to many partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including airlines and hotels, which in turn allows us to negotiate great deals, and more importantly for us to build a lasting relationship based on trust, empathy and goodwill so that you can be rest assured that your sacred journey of a lifetime will be hassle-free bi-ithnillah (by the Will of Allah).

We take joy in being able to provide a personal service to all of our clients, from the moment of booking the hajj/umrah/trip to the moment that the rites have been completed. As such, we have received excellent feedback over the years from all of the brothers and sisters that have been on hajj and umrah with us. The positive and humbling testimonials from our past pilgrims and clients enable us to continue to deliver an unparalleled service to our potential customers.

We treat all of our pilgrims as special invited guests of Al-Rahmaan (The Most Merciful). Our sincere intention and hope are to please Allah The Most High. This is why we endeavour and continue to deliver an unparalleled service to our pilgrims on this sacred journey.

Mission statement

Our aim is to provide British pilgrims and tourists with an unparalleled, competitive and bespoke hajj, umrah and travel services to suit their needs and wants.

Our Values

All elements of pilgrimage and travel services at Ibrahim Tours are underpinned by the core values of integrity, sincerity, courtesy and empathy.

Vision Statement

To be one of the leading providers of bespoke pilgrimage and travel services to the British community, their families and friends. By 2030, we would like to transform into a household name for the British pilgrimage and travel services.